Westchester's Astorino Funds Effort To Curb Feral Cats

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County Executive Rob Astorino recently announced additional funding to help control the feral cat population in Westchester.
County Executive Rob Astorino recently announced additional funding to help control the feral cat population in Westchester. Photo Credit: Courtesy alleycat.org

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino and Kiley Blackman, founder of Animal Defenders of Westchester, recently announced $5,000 in additional funding through the Animal League of Westchester to curtail the number of feral or stray cats.

The major hurdle for the program, known as Trap, Neuter and Release, is the cost of spaying and neutering the cats. The procedures can cost as much as $400.

“Two uncontrolled breeding cats, with a 10-year life span, plus all their kittens, can produce thousands of cats. They are easy prey for larger animals, cars and cruel pranksters who enjoy harming innocent beings. Neutered cats are also healthier as a result of medical care and vaccinations, making them better citizens in the community," Blackman said in a statement. "That is why we are so appreciative to Rob Astorino for hearing our pleas and helping us in this important effort.”

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Comments (4)

I wish each town took some responsibility, too. You shouldn't have to drive a cat to Elmsford or New Rochelle or Yonkers to place it for adoption or if it found to appear lost from it's home.

Bravo to Astorino and the Animal Defenders of Westchester for addressing this issue in an intelligent and humane way. And Nature Advocate---get some psychological help. You sound unstable.

It's great to see someone like Mr. Astorino acting in a humane, compassionate manner by allocating funds to help feral cats. Thank you for caring and actually doing something positive for animals.

Here's another good TNR facts page that was put up not long ago.

tnrfactcheck D0T org SLASH tnr-handbook.html

There are tomes of links and information there that give to everyone the clearest picture of all of what their failure of self-serving TNR-delusions are really all about. Not to mention what every last TNR advocate disrespectfully does to every other life on the planet -- animal and human included. Everyone involved in TNR might be particularly pleased with the photos there of what their loving and humane euthanasia by "attrition" truly looks like. It's no longer their delusional, safe, and psychotic "out of sight, out of mind" way of torturing cats and other animals to death anymore.

I hope you enjoy the photos at that link of how your TNR'ed cats die. Everyone else on the planet already sees these phenomenally ignorant TNR freaks for what they truly are -- torturers of all animal life on earth -- just because they are too spineless and heartless to give a cat a humane death the one time when they could have died peacefully that way. Heartless and cruel doesn't even begin to describe these mentally and morally crippled TNR cat-lickers.

I guess 25 road-kill cats hanging in trees wasn't enough to teach you what happens to every last one of your stray cats. What's it going to take before you phenomenally amoral, criminally irresponsible, criminally negligent, and reprehensible cat-licking cretins begin to learn? 100 dead cats in a tree? 1,000? Let us know how many of your cats that you torture to death with your "humane and loving attrition" will have to be shoved in your faces until you all grow up into responsible and respectable adults.