Ossining Highway Superintendent Proposition Fails

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OSSINING, N.Y. – The Town of Ossining voted 72 percent to 28 percent in preliminary results to reject a local law to change its highway superintendent from an elected position to an appointed one. 

"This was never about me, it was about the people's right to vote," said current highway superintendent Michael G. O'Connor. 

With 85 percent of the precincts reporting,  547 residents voted against the change, and 217 voted in favor, accounting to unofficial results from the Weschester County Board of Elections. 

The law allows the Town Board to appoint a superintendent of highways rather than have voters decide during each election. 

Ossining residents made arguments against the change at a public hearing, with several agreeing that the current system was not broken.

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Mike you are absolutely right....it wasn't about you it was about the people standing up and saying "if it's not broke don't fix it"! Especially if the fix is going to COST us more. I wish the Town Board would realize that "CHANGE" is not always good. We need to protect what we have we've been doing it for many years and we will continue to do it economically with people like you who understand the needs and get results! Please let your men know that we listened and we gave all of you a vote of confidence!