Police: 'Undercover Officer' In Ossining Could Be Fake

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Westchester County Police in the Town of Ossining said they are investigating an incident in which a driver was pulled over by a person claiming to be an undercover officer. Photo Credit: Flickr User proscriptus

OSSINING, N.Y. – Westchester County Police in the Town of Ossining are asking residents to use caution if they are stopped by someone claiming to be an undercover officer.

A person in a blue Crown Victoria recently stopped a woman on Route 9A in the Town of Ossining, police said. The person making the stop identified himself as “Officer Figueroa,” held up a badge and searched the car. While no threats were made and no harm was done, police said the incident was suspicious and are telling residents to call 911 if they feel uncomfortable about a vehicle pulling them over.

“This incident is under investigation and could have very well been another law enforcement agency,” Lt. Nick Alongi of the Westchester County Police said in an email. “However, we’re asking residents to be on the lookout for anything of this nature.”

Police spokesperson Lt. Kieran O’Leary said no similar incidents have occurred since this one.

“We have had similar incidents occur occasionally over the years on the parkways we patrol, but these incidents are rare,” O’Leary said in an email. “As a general rule, traffic stops are made by uniformed officers, though circumstances may require a plainclothes officer in an unmarked car to do so. However, if any motorist is uncertain whether the person he is dealing with is actually a police officer, we encourage them to dial 911, provide their location and ask the dispatcher for verification that they have been stopped by a police officer.”

O’Leary said the police would confirm that the person works for a police department and would tell the driver.

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