Letter: Vote for Levenberg, Case, Yes on Budget

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To the Editor, 

We are announcing our candidacy for re-election to the Ossining School District Board of Education. We would like to thank the community for supporting throughout our previous terms as Board of Education Trustees.

We are dedicated to continuing to educate our students to the highest standards
during these challenging economic times. Our track record demonstrates our
focus on maintaining strong programs while embracing tough fiscal realities.
Responsibly, we put forth an affordable facilities bond this year to address the
aging infrastructure and capacity issues in our schools without adding to our tax
burden, which the community overwhelmingly supported. In the last three years,
we passed the lowest budget-to-budget increases in decades while maintaining
excellent academic, athletic and cultural arts programs.

We are strongly supporting this year’s proposed budget which is below the
tax cap, despite increased state and federal mandates and a growing student
enrollment. This fiscally responsible budget cuts $4 million in expenses, while
keeping core programs in place for all students. Ossining School’s continue
to garner honors and awards which are directly attributable to our outstanding
programs in science research, overall academics, cultural arts, athletics, and our
school spirit.

During our terms, we listened and supported the community’s request to
strengthen communications. We are committed to representing parents and
community members to keep Ossining Schools strong. Please vote for Dana
Levenberg and Kim Case at OHS on Tuesday, May 15th for Ossining Board of
Education so we may continue to serve our wonderful community.


Dana Levenberg and Kim Case

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