Witness Recalls Seeing I-684 Horse; Wife Took YouTube Video

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Part II of the horse on Interstate 684. Photo Credit: YouTube/Sam Hollander
Part I of the horse on Interstate 684. Photo Credit: YouTube/Sam Hollander

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Larry Hollander was driving on Interstate 684 on Memorial Day for a family trip when he saw a loose horse.

Hollander, who lives in Pleasantville, was with his wife and two children. His wife shot two videos of the horse, which show it near the interchange with Route 35 in Katonah, that were later posted to YouTube. He recalled driving north when a couple of cars in front slowed down. He was surprised to find out that a horse was galloping on the road.

Hollander mentioned that the horse was in a right lane, moved left and then went back. The horse, which had been moving fast, then jumped a median, Hollander recalls. He thought that the horse, which went into oncoming traffic in the southbound side, would be involved in a collision, which did not happen. His wife stopped the first video around the time of the jump and shot the second once the horse was traveling on the other side.

The family continued on its way to their destination, which was at the Walkway Over The Hudson elevated park in Poughkeepsie, although 911 was called. Hollander recalls that multiple state police vehicles were then seen going south on 684. 

Speaking about the YouTube clips, Hollander explained that the intent was for friends to see. Although his wife, overheard in the first video, predicted that it would be "viral," Hollander did not anticipate that the story would be as big as it turned out.

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