Ossining Ranks Among The Top 50 Safest Towns In New York State

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RYE, N.Y. -- SafeWise, a home and community security company, has ranked several Westchester towns among the top 50 safest in New York.

According to a blog on the company's website, it used data from the FBI’s "2011 Crime in the U.S. Report" along with results from its own investigation to compile the list.

You can read the full list here.

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And actually, Cortlandt is actually NOT in this top 50 list; C-o-r-t-l-a-n-d, NY is...a town (or city?) which is about 3 hours north of the Town of Cortlandt. There are a couple of missed facts in the SafeWise report that led to the incorrect reporting in this piece, and to be sure, I did a double-take when I saw Peekskill ahead of Cortlandt on the list. Upon reading the report made by SafeWise, however, they do state that this is a list of the top 50 "cities", so I wouldn't expect Cortlandt to necessarily be on the list anyway. They also make mention of the town of Cortland having an area of 3.9 square miles...I thought the Town of Cortlandt was a bit larger than that....


Really? Peekskill ahead of Yorktown?!

Ray Tartaglione:

This is great news now all we have to worry about is the public health threat allowed to continue in Rye.

Watch as Kimberly King, a mourning mother and Massachusetts Mosquito Control Commissioner addresses the Rye City council to point out their short comings in protecting the health and safety of the public.
One of the primary functions of government is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public. Follow this video as the Rye City Council takes their oath of office and then turn a blind eye to violate the oath they swore to uphold.
Rye Vector Borne

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