Ossining Boat Club Fights To Keep Club Open

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Ossining Boat and Canoe Clubs have been publicly protesting the town to reopen their shuttered building.
Ossining Boat and Canoe Clubs have been publicly protesting the town to reopen their shuttered building. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Meaddows Ryan

OSSINING, N.Y. -- Members of the Ossining Boat & Canoe Club are doing all it can to reopen doors that were closed in October.

The club has been closed since town locked the doors, citing more than 20 violations in the town-owned building. 

As part of the town's recently signed license agreement with the club, the town building inspector is required to check on the building on a monthly basis, Supervisor Sue Donnelly said when the building was closed. 

The closure of the club comes on the heels of the town conducting a feasibility study on putting a high-end restaurant in the building.

"We are taking steps to open the building," Commodore Tom Earle said. "We haven't hit any real snags. We are taking steps one by one."

Earle said they have passed several inspections but still have more to go. The building still needs to obtain a certificate of occupancy though Earle has no idea how long it will take.

"We are continuing to take steps to reopen the building for members," Earle said.

The OBCC was supposed to hold a protest at a recent town board meeting, but the meeting was canceled due to weather. Trustee Meaddows Ryan said they are doing their best to work with the town, since the town owns the building.

We are committed to working collaboratively and to help the town with whatever they research they need," Ryan said. "We also are exercising our right to express our opposition to it. It's a weird situation."

Ryan said she feels that the town board officials have been unresponsive to  the concerns of Ossining residents who are opposed to the town's feasibility study and want to see the club preserved.

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Comments (6)

Thanks to Sam Barron for modifying the article to more accurately reflect where I was trying to come from. I appreciate it!

Thanks Meaddows, I will definitely look into joining again! and for what it's worth, I think your tone in the article is fine, and fair actually!

Thank you, I really appreciate that! But truly, my focus is strictly on the ultimate preservation of the existing building, which, unfortunately, does put me in opposition of the Town's conceptual drawing presentation for the site and plans to tear it down. This is where myself and other supporters part ways with the Town. The current access has been increasingly granted for repairs since October, and we are grateful for that. And to equate the situation with being thrown out of our home is factually inaccurate since the building belongs to the Town and is not "ours". We care for it as though it is our home, and we love it as though it is our home, but it's not.

Also, our gathering tonight is not about keeping or getting the club open. It's about preserving it for the long term.

Anyway, hold onto my email address so you'll have it when (hopefully) the article gets pulled, and if you're local and want to come by the library tonight, look for me! Thanks again.

Or you can also visit www.obcc.org for information on all of this! Thanks. :)

Please note that I have a call in to the Daily Voice to retract this article. My statements, tone and focus in the conversation I had with the reporter somehow did not come across here at all as I had intended them, and in some cases, there are statements that are unfair to the Town, for which I truly apologize. Nonetheless, I appreciate the time and coverage the Voice has given this matter.

We are looking for support at the Ossining Public Library tonight at 6:30. Wear red if you would like to join us in favor of preservation of the historic building! Thank you..

It is such a prime spot for a bar/restaurant and would add a great deal to Ossining, similar to Half Moon in Dobbs Ferry. However, I can't help but feel for the members of the club who utilize it as a cost effective way to sail, store kayaks, etc.,. and the camaraderie that would be lost if this were to go away. On a separate topic, I tried to "join" the club but never heard back from the lead folks, so maybe it's more exclusive than we know and needs to be replaced with a public and revenue generating entity!