Hero Dog That Saved Northern Westchester Family From Fire Found Dead

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Nero, who had been missing for a week, was found dead Wednesday morning. Nero saved his from a fire that destroyed their home.
Nero, who had been missing for a week, was found dead Wednesday morning. Nero saved his from a fire that destroyed their home. Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Eliseo Family
Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Eliseo Family

YORKTOWN, N.Y. -- Nero, the Newfoundland that saved his family from a Nov. 24 fire that destroyed their Yorktown home, was found dead this morning.

Nero's death was confirmed by his owner Guilio Eliseo, who discovered him this morning. Eliseo said he was bringing Nero to be cremated. Three other dogs perished in the fire that occurred at 3784 Wildwood Street.

"He is with his brothers and sisters," Eliseo said. 

According to a post on the family's Find Nero facebook page, Nero was found in the rubble of the home's remains. Eliseo had said Nero was like a son to him.

Nero saved the life of Eliseo's daughter, Marie and wife, Maria, when he began barking and howling, waking up Marie as she slept on the couch.

"It was a very serious howl," Marie Eliseo said Tuesday. "He woke me up before the alarm went off. By the time the alarm went off, the flames were over where I was sleeping. If it wasn't for Nero, I wouldn't be here."

She escaped the house and quick-thinking neighbors Brian Avery, Robert Castro, and Joshua Reed saved her mother, who recently underwent hip replacement surgery, from the roof of their porch using a 20-foot ladder.

Sightings of Nero had been reported all over Yorktown and Cortlandt.

The family is living with cousins in Somers and recently rented a condominium in Mohegan Lake, Guilio Eliseo said.

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Comments (13)

I'm a bit confused. People said they were seeing Nero all over the town, but was he in the rubble all this time, or was he indeed seen and then died? This story makes no sense at all. Still it is sad. I don't understand why the family didn't gather the dogs and take them out of the house. Who ever writes these stories for the Voice really should go back to journalism school. So sorry for the family's loss.

Where is the so called psychic now?
Sorry for your loss, fortunately no humans were lost.
Nero goes out a hero.

So sorry to hear this sad news. RIP Nero.

Very sad to hear this news. My prayers to Nero's family and all who were touched by this very special dog.

I am so sad for this family. My parents, who have been North Salem/Brewster residents since 1987, lost their home in a fire this past May. It was their dog who alerted them to the fire and saved their lives. This family has already and will continue to suffer so much. My heart goes out to them. The devastation of the loss is so far reaching. So sorry.

OMG - My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Am so sorry to hear this.

This Nero a hero during a fire....man's best friend..

Oh sad. We were rooting for the family to find him.

So heartbreaking, after all they suffered! So sorry!

This breaks my heart. The only good thing is that Nero is now with the family he loved so much.

Does anyone else find it funny that a dog named "Nero" actually saved people from a fire? Hopefully he didn't lose his fiddle as a result...

Oh no. So sorry to hear.