Ossining Medium Claims She Can Speak To The Dead

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Ossining medium Carla Blaha is set for dozens of public readings at stores throughout Westchester.
Ossining medium Carla Blaha is set for dozens of public readings at stores throughout Westchester. Photo Credit: Courtesy Carla Blaha

OSSINING, N.Y. – Carla Blaha knows there will be skeptics who hear her readings in her Ossining home or at dozens of shops across Westchester and who won’t believe she can speak to the dead. But she said she knows one piece of evidence that tells her she has made people believers.

“Almost every time I’ve conducted a reading, I will see people crying and I’ll know that they believe,” Blaha said in the kitchen of her Ossining home, where she conducts many of her private readings. “If people are crying, they’re being healed, and I’m doing my job. I know it’s shocking and I honestly don’t know how I do it, but I can get messages from the other side.”

Blaha said her mother, a medium as well, told her at a very young age that she had “a sixth sense.” Several years ago, a close friend of Blaha’s died in her arms, and that moment, she says, “triggered me into mediumship.” Blaha says she then learned to develop her skill from various teachers throughout the country and has learned to vary her techniques, using tarot cards, blindly writing, phone readings and through speaking to large groups.

Now she tours the area, including Croton’s Opal Moon, Brewster’s Synchronicity and Briarcliff Manor’s Soulaurus Massage Therapy.

Blaha said she is never quite sure where a reading will go and the key is keeping an open mind.

“I love walking in cold turkey with 20 or more who have never seen me and I don’t know a soul. I want to not know people so I know what I’m getting didn’t come from me, it came from the other side,” she said. “It works both ways, too. There will always be people who won’t believe no matter what happens, but if people keep an open mind it becomes a lot easier to connect.”

While she does charge for private and public readings, many of Blaha’s appearances in stores throughout Westchester County are free. Opal Moon owner Christine McEwan, who also lives in Croton, said she has seen dozens of people experience life-changing events in her store.

“There are always skeptics, but I think people get out of it what they want,” McEwan said. “She doesn’t fish around for information, and she is really spot on with all of the things she says.”

Putnam Valley resident Diane Kness said that when she walked into a group reading to see Blaha she was more than a little skeptical.

“I don’t want to say I’m not a believer, but I honestly walked in thinking it was a joke,” Kness said. “I felt like because I didn’t know anyone in the group that it could all be a setup. Until she started talking to me.”

Kness said Blaha was able to describe intimate details of a fight she recently had with a family member and was able to give even more detail about her father and how, when and how long ago he passed away.

“It was shocking,” Kness said. “I walked out of there just stunned and wondering how she did that. She knew things that were really just impossible to know. She had never seen me before but she knew things that no one knew but me. The entire room was in tears because she really connected with everyone. It was unbelievable.”

For more information on Blaha and to see a schedule of her upcoming appearances, visit her website at believeandlisten.net.

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Comments (8)

We are truly blessed to have Carla choose our establishment to perform her readings. She is seriously one of the most talented intuitive psychics I have ever encountered. if anyone is interested, she is with us every Thursday at http://synchronicityny.com/

I highly recommend her!

Carla did a reading for about 7 people, including myself. She didn't know anyone in the room, but said things that were spot on. She never fished for information to regurgitate to the room. Instead, she just asked that everyone have an open mind. By the end of the reading she had people in tears and filled with joy and amazement at her ability to pass on information from loved ones. It is an experience I will never forget, and I strongly reccommend that you experience it for yourself. Thanks so much Carla!

It's amazing how accurate Carla is!

I too have had several readings from Carla and have been more than pleased. I'm pleased, not necessarily by the fun/good things she told me, but how accurate she was. Carla has a real gift and i would recommend any skeptic to give her a try. And for the people that are afraid (you know who you are!), i especially encourage you to have a reading. Carla makes the readings not only informative but fun, you have nothing to be afraid of.

I had a reading by Carla soon after my husband passed in September. I was very concerned that because his death was so sudden that he was not at peace. As soon as I walked through the door she told me he was showing her a dove, meaning he was at peace and I should not be worried. I was surprised at all the things she was able to tell me, without ever having met me before! Carla has a wonderful gift.

I had the pleasure of attending a reading with Carla in October and I was amazed at her ability to speak to those that have crossed over. I then decided to have a reading in December which 15 people attended and they were amazed that Carla was able to tell them things about loved ones and even messages from loved ones. Thank you Carla for the special gift that you give to others.

caveng97 -- Cool!

I never spoke to the dead, but I got invited back stage and spoke to Furthur last summer.