Can You Guess Where This Is In Ossining?

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We found this somewhere in Ossining. Do you know where this photo was taken? Photo Credit: Nathan Bruttell
The photo from two weeks ago was taken at the John-Paul Rodrigues Operations Center in Ossining. Photo Credit: Nathan Bruttell

OSSINING, N.Y. — We have a challenge for sharp-eyed readers who think they know Ossining. Can you tell us where this photo was taken?

Each Saturday, we'll post a photo of an architectural feature or object found somewhere in Ossining. It's up to you to figure out the name of the building, street or landmark where we took the photo. Points will be awarded to the first person who correctly gives the photo's location. We'll keep a list of our attentive readers.

Congratulations to grc10562, who knew that the photo from two weeks ago was taken at the John-Paul Rodrigues Operations Center, 101 Route 9A, Ossining.

This week's clue: The group that calls this building home was founded in 1868 and is part of the Anglican Communion throughout the world.

If you know where it is, brag about it on our Facebook page or write it in the comments section below. The first person to answer correctly will earn five points, with each subsequent correct guess earning one point.
Remember, only comments on our Facebook page or in the comments section of this story count toward the rankings. Facebook likes and emails will not count.

Here are the latest rankings:
First place: Ralph Perrigino — 45 points.
Second place: David A. Morrison — 44 points.
Third place: Brian Doyle — 15 points.
Fourth place: Belle Watson — 13 points.
Fifth place: grc10562 - 11 points 

Sixth Place: Liz Miller Feldman - 8 points 
Tied for seventh place with seven points: John McCarthy; Joan Smyth Dengler.

Tied for eighth place with six points: Meaddows Ryan; Christopher Cavanaugh; Ed Impara; caveng97.
Tied for ninth place five points: Deb Graham; OHSIndian74; Carolyn Mackie.
10th place: Margaret Valenti — four points.
Tied for 11th place with three points: Brian Adair; Dana White.
Tied for 12 place with two points: Bill Kress; Angie Lauribe; Catskill Gal
Tied for 13th place with one point: David Petluck; Oma McCabe; the Desiderio family; mlv74; Stacey Ferguson Laoutaris; Rambo; George Camp; Jsraney; Tiff Sixz G; Barbara D'Uva; Peter Capek; Marie Parks; lepore822; Lynn Farrell; Angela67

Next week, we'll post a new photo and the answer to this week's challenge.

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Comments (4)

Phyllis Regan:

Trinty Church at 7 South Highland Avenue, founded in 1868 by Civil War Veterans


The Church on the corner of emwilton and 9

Ralph Perrigino:

Trinity church, South Highland and Eastern Ave

The Ossining United Methodist Church, on the corner of Emwilton Pl. and S. Highland Ave.

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