Can You Guess Where This Is In Ossining?

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We found this somewhere in Ossining. Do you know where this photo was taken? Photo Credit: Nathan Bruttell
Congratulations to Liz Miller Feldman, who knew that the photo from last week was taken at the Nativity scene in front of Washington School in Ossining. Photo Credit: Nathan Bruttell

OSSINING, N.Y. — It's back! We have a challenge for sharp-eyed readers who think they know Ossining. Can you tell us where this photo was taken?

Each Saturday, we'll post a photo of an architectural feature or object found somewhere in Ossining. It's up to you to figure out the name of the building, street or landmark where we took the photo. Points will be awarded to the first person who correctly gives the photo's location. We'll keep a list of our attentive readers.

Congratulations to Liz Miller Feldman, who knew that the photo from last week was taken at the Nativity scene in front of Washington School.

This week's clue: This building was donated to Ossining in 2004 by John Gouveia.

If you know where it is, brag about it on our Facebook page or write it in the comments section below. The first person to answer correctly will earn five points, with each subsequent correct guess earning one point.

Remember, only comments on our Facebook page or in the comments section of this story count toward the rankings. Facebook likes and emails will not count.

Here are the latest rankings:

Tied For First Place with 43 points: Ralph Perrigino; David A. Morrison.

Second Place: Brian Doyle – 15 points.

Third Place: Belle Watson – 13 points.

Tied for Fourth Place with 7 points: John McCarthy; Liz Miller Feldman.

Tied for Fifth Place with 6 points: Meaddows Ryan; Christopher Cavanaugh; Ed Impara; Joan Smyth Dengler; grc10562.

Tied for Sixth Place with 5 points: Deb Graham; OHSIndian74; Carolyn Mackie.

Seventh Place: Margaret Valenti - 4 points. 

Tied for Eighth Place with 3 points: Brian Adair; Dana White.

Tied for Ninth Place with 2 points: Bill Kress; Angie Lauribe.

Tied for 10th Place with 1 point: David Petluck; Oma McCabe; The Desiderio family; mlv74; Stacey Ferguson Laoutaris; Rambo; George Camp; Jsraney; Tiff Sixz G; Barbara D'Uva; Peter Capek; Marie Parks; lepore822; caveng97; Catskill Gal.

Next week, we'll post a new photo and the answer to this week's photo with a bigger picture.

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Comments (5)

Ralph Perrigino:

Too easy. Old bank for savings in the middle of Main street


I think The Daily Voice is still on daylight savings time.


Ralph is usually up before me on Saturday. Not today, thanks to our cat, Iko.

Ralph Perrigino:

How can caveng97 respond at 7:58am when it is only 7:31am now and he email came out 20 minutes ago? What's going on? Must be an early day at 97.


It's the "bank with the clock" on the corner of South Highland and Main Street.

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