Ossining Workshop Provides Thoughts On Self-Improvement

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A recent workshop in Ossining helped people discover data that can help their decision-making process. Photo Credit: Center For Applied Rationality

OSSINING, N.Y. – A recent workshop on “goal factoring” in Ossining provided 23 participants information on how they can improve goal-setting and help keep their New Year’s resolutions.

An article in The Wall Street Journal said “goal factoring is one of the techniques taught by the Center for Applied Rationality. The three-day workshop in Ossining in November gave participants instruction on “how thinking about one’s future self as a different person can help goal-setting  why building up an "emotional library" of associations can reduce procrastination.”

The growing “rationality movement” believes the best way to change behavior is by looking at science and hard data. The Center For Applied Rationality (CFAR) of Berkley, Calif., explores the science of optimized decision-making. Several websites, such as Overcoming Bias and Less Wrong, also support the theory that the best way to change behavior is through data analysis.

A person who attended the workshop in Ossining posted a review online.

CFAR plans a workshop in the New York City from April 11-14. For more information, visit the CFAR website.

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