Ossining Fire Department Training Exercise

Ossining Fire Department members set up engines outside of the vacant Elks Lodge building on 80 Main St. for training exercises. Photo Credit: Nathan Bruttell
Chief Thomas Reddy talks to a firefighter before entering the building to observe training Photo Credit: Nathan Bruttell
Firefighters are seen on a thermal imaging camera that uses heat signatures to detect bodies through thick smoke. Photo Credit: Nathan Bruttell
An up-close view of the thermal imaging camera. Photo Credit: Nathan Bruttell
A firefighter acts injured in the corner while fire officials observe teams attempting to breach the area. Photo Credit: Nathan Bruttell
Chief Thomas Reddy observes crews placing an injured firefighter into a harness during the training exercise Photo Credit: Nathan Bruttell
Ossining firefighters train using saws to cut through the roof of the building. Photo Credit: Nathan Bruttell
Firefighters prepare to enter the building with the assistance of exterior firefighters Photo Credit: Nathan Bruttell
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OSSINING, N.Y. – As Ossining Fire Department Chief Thomas Reddy worked his way Saturday morning toward a fallen firefighter inside a building on 80 Main Street, smoke from inside billowed forth so thickly that Reddy couldn’t see more than a foot in front of his face.

“If this was a real fire, it’d be like standing in a cave and it’d be impossible to see anything in front of your face,” Reddy said. “It’s as dark as closing your eyes and it’s so hard to breathe you might as well be under water.”

After 35 years with the department, the situation was a familiar one for ...
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